Rules for students in the U.S. across time

Specimen 1: Rules for Students 1872

Specimen 2: Punishments 1872

Specimen 3: Cases
Specimen 4:  While the specific contexts of the three previous specimens are not known to the teacher-learner, specimen 4 is an extract from the 2011 syllabus of an elective academic course she is experiencing, arbitrarily named “The Love Song of Water”.


You should know that I simply expect your participation and will not grade you on its quality.  If, however, you’re not meeting expectations, I will talk with you privately.  If you don’t attend class, however, you can’t participate, and that can affect your grade.  If you miss more than once (life happens), you will lose five points from your total for the semester for each absence.  Please do not consider that one allowed absence as something you can “bank” and spend at will.  It is intended for emergencies or professional travel.


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