A Thousand Miles

A Thousand Miles offers a photographic tour to schools in Vietnam. As we travel across spaces and times, we see humans in various shapes and environments. We see dresses, tools, furniture, buildings, trees, and activities. More than representing the so called “schools in Vietnam,” the exhibition is supposed to bring into view the colorful constructions of schooling.


Children in the war

School leaving ceremonies

Someone remembered me

“Last imperial exams” in Việt Nam

After the war: penmanship in Việt Nam

After the war, photo by Philip Jones Griffiths

In the war

Smiles of the North

Back to my highschool

Schools in Mồ Dề, Yên Bái, Việt Nam

Children in Tả Củ Tỷ, Lào Cai, Việt Nam

Flag salute at an elementary school in Hà Nội, Việt Nam

A middle school in Tiền Giang, Việt Nam

Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

Classroom seating charts

The exhibition includes 15 entries complied from November 2011 to September 2013. Click on the tag Schools in Vietnam to check if there is any new post.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to all the authors who created the materials from which this exhibition is assembled. Links/ references to the sources of the materials are placed in the entries.