A review of ‘Jo ha kyu’ film and photography

It is not that research has ignored children, because there is a huge body of research on children. The problem is that the dominant approach to researching children’s experience has been from a ‘looking down’ standpoint … Smith (2011) The video below shows how a 7 year old child can be a perceptive art critic.

Jacques Rancière: regimes of the arts

Deranty, J.-P. (2010). 9. Regimes of the arts. In J.-P. Deranty (Ed.), Jacques Rancière: key concepts (pp. 116–130). Durham: Acumen. Related external links Rancière, J. (2004). The politics of aesthetics: the distribution of the sensible. Rancière, J. (2009) Aesthetics and its discontents Notes on the Politics of Aesthetics Davis, O. (2010). 5. Art and aesthetics. […]