Kneeling and washing parents’ feet

June 3, 2012- Luoyang, Jianzhong experimental school: On the school  playground, 250 students kneeled and bowed before their parents to wash their feet. Sources: 1 & 2 Related: 1. Guangdong schoolchildren kneel before their parents 2. 150 prisoners offer feet washing apology to their families in Sichuan 3. The Child in the Family “What is the child? He is a reproduction of the adult […]

Should This Little Girl’s Big Bow Be Banned?

Marcella’s hairstyle, proudly posted by dad to Twitter. (Courtesy of Marcello Marino/Twitter) Source: There are bows and then there are Lady Gaga bows. Four-year-old Marcella Marino chose the latter for a school photo, only to end up in tears, according to her dad. Photos: Lady Gaga’s most outrageous hairstyles The British primary school student asked her […]

A review of ‘Jo ha kyu’ film and photography

It is not that research has ignored children, because there is a huge body of research on children. The problem is that the dominant approach to researching children’s experience has been from a ‘looking down’ standpoint … Smith (2011) The video below shows how a 7 year old child can be a perceptive art critic.

To Be and To Have (2002)

Être et Avoir (2002) Watch the film on You Tube: Trailer, Scene A, Scene B, Scene C Information at Wikipedia and at IMDb Reviews from users at IMDb Au revoir, les enfants, 23 January 2004 Author: Chris Knipp from Berkeley, California Être et avoir, To Be and To Have, is, like Something’s Gotta Give, a title I don’t get. […]