Li Bai

Li Bai (701-762) (Wikipedia) We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains. ~ Li Bai Li Bai Index Seeing off Meng Haoran for Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower My old friend’s said goodbye to the west, here at Yellow Crane Tower, In the third month’s cloud of willow blossoms, he’s going […]

Du Fu

Du Fu (712-770) (Wikipedia) Every reading of his poetry is like meeting an intimate ~ Yuan Chen Perverse by nature, I’m addicted to fine lines If my words don’t startle people, I won’t give up till I die ~ Du Fu Du Fu Index 秋兴八首 (一) 玉露凋伤枫树林 巫山巫峡气萧森 江间波浪兼天涌 塞上风云接地阴 丛菊两开他日泪 孤舟一系故园心 寒衣处处催刀尺 白帝城高急暮砧 qiū xìng bā […]

Cinematic Spaces of Education Festivalette CIES 2015

Hosted by CIES 2015, Education International and the Open Society Foundations Education Support Program [Cinematic] images reflect thought, and they may lead to thought, but they are much more than thought’ — MacDougall, 2006 In its inaugural year at the Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, the Cinematic Spaces of Education Film […]

Luo Guanzhong

Luo Guanzhong (1330-1400) (Wikipedia) Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Wikipedia) Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Full-text) Translated by CH Brewitt-Taylor Drum Rolls at Gucheng (From CHAPTER 28. Putting Cai Yang To Death, The Brothers’ Doubts Disappear; Meeting At Gucheng, Lord and Liege Fortify Each Other.) Somewhat discontentedly Pei Yuanshao accepted the situation and marched off; […]

Lu Xun

Lu Xun (1881-1936) Medicine Annotated by Richard M. Ratzan Summary Old Chuan and his wife, the proprietors of a small tea shop, save their money to buy a folk medicine cure for their son, Young Chuan, who is dying of tuberculosis. The story opens with Old Chuan leaving their shop and going to the home […]