Michel Foucault: “In a sense, I am a moralist.” (1980)

Happy birthday! From http://www.critical-theory.com This interview with Michel Foucault, titled “Power, Moral Values, and the Intellectual” dates back to November 3, 1980. According to Stuart Elden, “because it was published after Foucault’s death, it was deemed to be a ‘posthumous publication’ and therefore not included in ‘Dits et écrits,‘” a compilation of Foucault’s shorter writings in […]

Michel Foucault: What is an Author? (1975)

The following summary of Foucault’s (1975) What is an Author is taken from Fendler’s (2010) Michel Foucault. Bloomsbury will make paperback version of the book available this December (2014). “This essay was published just after Discipline and Punish. In it, Foucault investigated what we mean when we say `author,’ and concluded that we mean many […]

Michel Foucault: modalities of power

Installer’s Note: I highlighted key phrases, used a short line to punctuate the original text into chunks, and inserted pictures to illustrate the concepts. I do not know if these visuals spoil the text. __________ Source: Fendler, L. (2010, pp. 43-47). Michel Foucault. Continuum Library of Educational Thought, Vol. 22, Richard Bailey, (Series Ed.) London: Continuum Press. […]

Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison

I did read a half. I do not mean the book is not great. It is.  I just have my preferences. After reading Michel Foucault by Lynn Fendler, I asked my adviser which Foucault’s books I should read, but what I actually thought was, “I would not read Foucault. I would read Fendler.”  I do not […]

Foucault’s history, archaeology, and genealogy

Read or reread the book with me (Michel Foucault). Fendler, L. (2010). Michel Foucault (pp. 38-42). Continuum Library of Educational Thought, Vol. 22, Richard Bailey, (Series Ed.). London: Continuum Press. “Just as some philosophers do not consider Foucault to be a philosopher, some historians do not consider him to be a historian. The reasons for both are […]

“Michel Foucault”

This is another lucky book. Michel Foucault (by Lynn Fendler, Continuum Library of Educational Thought, 2010) Description Michael Foucault is undisputedly a major thinker in education. Lynn Fendler’s volume offers the most coherent account of Foucault’s educational thought. This work is divided into: 1) Intellectual Bibliography 2) Critical exposition of Foucault’s work 3) The reception and […]