Live as man

This is an impressive story about gender roles, appearance and the performance of subjectivity. Mum of the year is a ‘man’: Woman who has lived as a man for 40 YEARS so she could support her daughter is honoured by Egypt An Egyptian widow lived her life as a man for 43 years so she […]

Ella Flagg Young (1845 – 1918)

Ella Flagg Young (15 January 1845 – October 26, 1918) was an American educator. Wikipedia To see how Ella Flagg Young has been written about, you may also be interested in reading the following extract (Hendry, 2011, pp. 19-23): Myth 2: Origin: Disrupting the “Seminal” Plot and Other Ovarian Twists Historical narrative works to suppress contradictions (multiple stories) […]