Britzman’s (1991) “Practice Makes Practice”: Consonance and Dissonance from an Account of Student Teachers’ Negative Experience

Britzman’s (1991) “Practice Makes Practice” made me question seriously how researchers could represent their subjects’ experience without fabricating a relationship of inequality among human beings.  You may be interested in reading Chapter 3 of the book to see how the researcher portrayed one of her protagonists as a person lacking in intellectual capacity. I have […]

Rules for students in the U.S. across time

Specimen 1: Rules for Students 1872 Specimen 2: Punishments 1872 Specimen 3: Cases Specimen 4:  While the specific contexts of the three previous specimens are not known to the teacher-learner, specimen 4 is an extract from the 2011 syllabus of an elective academic course she is experiencing, arbitrarily named “The Love Song of Water”. PARTICIPATION AND […]