nothing hidden or held back

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) (Wikipedia) XXVIII (From The Gardener) Your questioning eyes are sad. They seek to know my meaning as the moon would fathom the sea. I have bared my life before your eyes from end to end, with nothing hidden or held back. That is why you know me not. If it were only […]

And you, please save a human life

Hồng Nhung, one of the four coaches of The Voice of Vietnam 2013, gave 100% of her support to Cát Tường. Thus, the audience’s votes for the two contestants on her team in the semifinal live show, Cát Tường and Hà Linh, did not count. Cát Tường safely entered the finals. That decision is only one of the amazing […]

Happy Sweetest Day!

There is another sky, Ever serene and fair, And there is another sunshine, Though it be darkness there; Never mind faded forests, Austin, Never mind silent fields— Here is a little forest, Whose leaf is ever green; Here is a brighter garden, Where not a frost has been; In its unfading flowers I hear the […]

Harold and Maude (1971)

Harold: Maude? Maude: Yeah? Harold: [pulls the stamped coin from the arcade out of his pocket] Here. Maude: A gift! [reads the engraving] Maude: “Harold loves Maude.”… and Maude loves Harold. This is the nicest gift I’ve received in years. [she throws the stamped coin into the water] Harold: [gasps, bemused] Maude: So I’ll always […]