Schools in Alaska

Excerpt from Collier, M. (2007). The applied visual anthropology of John Collier: a photo essay. In S. Pink (Ed.), Visual interventions: applied visual anthropology (Vols. 1-4, Vol. 4, pp. 29–50). New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books. “In the late 1960s, John Collier turned his attention to cross-cultural schooling and, in response to the limitations of still photography, […]

Green School in Bali

John and Cynthia Hardy founded an eco-friendly school that provides students with quality education in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Sustainable bamboo campus includes classrooms, gym, faculty housing, offices, and cafes. Everything is powered by clean energy sources such as hydro-powered vortex generator and solar panels. [more info] Source

New schools

The Telefonplan School in Sweden Modern school designed by Rosan Boschin is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Classrooms were replaced with open spaces that encourage collaboration and interaction. Students can freely move around the environment. Unique school is filled with colorful furniture, learning zones, tables, and workstations. There is even a small movie theater for presentations. Children are taught in small […]

In a Montessori school

__________ I do not like the idea of having a method to work with human beings. A method might be a good idea for a short course or short periods in a long program, but protracted functioning/ dysfunction within the control of a method would drive me crazy. The administrator emphasized that respect for children […]