The Trịnh Công Sơn phenomenon

(What I talk about when I talk about Việt Nam) Installer’s Note: This entry will be revised.  For me Trịnh Công Sơn is more about poetry. His poems tell very sad stories, and when quiet, they are more enlightening than gloomy. Schafer (2007, p. 603) writes: Văn Ngọc stresses Sơn’s new approach to lyrics, which, he says, […]

And you, please save a human life

Hồng Nhung, one of the four coaches of The Voice of Vietnam 2013, gave 100% of her support to Cát Tường. Thus, the audience’s votes for the two contestants on her team in the semifinal live show, Cát Tường and Hà Linh, did not count. Cát Tường safely entered the finals. That decision is only one of the amazing […]

School leaving ceremonies

Leaving high school is often considered an important landmark in a person’s life. Rituals have been invented to celebrate the event and create memories. This post invites you to look at how Hanoian teens have constructed and participated in the rituals. Chu Văn An, Việt Đức, and Hà Nội Amsterdam are among the top highschools in Hanoi.