Germain’s classroom portraits

Classroom Portraits Give a Glimpse of Students’ Lives Around the World An entry by Alyssa Coppelman on Slate Deneside Infant’s School, Seaham, County Durham, UK. Reception and Year 1, Structured Play Oct. 12, 2004.Julian Germain/Prestel. From classroom portraits 2004-2012,byJulian Germainwith a foreword by Dr. Leonid Ilyushin. Published byPrestel($60). Photographer Julian Germain’s portraits of school classrooms make for an […]

Being bored in class- rereading the story of Vivian Maier The story of this nanny who has now wowed the world with her photography, and who incidentally recorded some of the most interesting marvels and peculiarities of Urban America in the second half of the twentieth century is seemingly beyond belief. An American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, Vivian bounced between Europe and the […]